Wellington on a Plate

1 to 31 August

Enjoy Wellington on a Plate at St Johns.

Delicious burger. Amazing cocktail. What more could you want?

Cocktail Wellington On A Plate

Available August 1 to 31

We’ve created a delicious cocktail with a locally distilled Gin. Enjoy our sorbet surprise that will change the texture of the drink as you sip.

Bureaucrat Melt

Bureaucrat Gin, peach, cherry, orange, cranberry, and a sorbet surprise. Accompanied by a cucumber and juniper marshmallow coated in Marasca cherry meringue, sprinkled with cherry dust 24.0

Make it a mocktail 20.0

Burger Wellington On A Plate

Available August 12 to 31

Look at it! Burgers don’t get better than this.

Hickory smoked molasses brisket and chuck patty with thyme and juniper salted pork belly bacon, preserved piccalilli relish and Colby cheese in a Zaida’s brioche bun 25.0

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